One of the best things about visiting a new area during a holiday, or even returning to one you’re already familiar with, is getting yourself involved in the local culture and festivities. You can get a real feel for wherever you’re visiting and it will make your holiday all the more memorable, and the place you visited will be all the more special for it. So, with all of that in mind, we’re going to alert you to Yorkshire Day, a celebration that takes place throughout Yorkshire on August 1st and celebrates all things Yorkshirian, if that’s even a word.

Regardless of where you’re staying during the celebration, whether it’s a Whitby hotel or a Scarborough hotel, you’ll be able to find some events near you which will give you the chance to experience the county at its best. You’ll find black pudding, whippets and flat caps galore, but you’ll also be able to delve past the stereotypes and discover Yorkshire’s War of the Roses, the importance of one of the county’s MPs in the abolishing of slavery in theBritish Empire and plenty of opportunities to raise money for charity.

The day began in relative obscurity, but it has quickly grown to a much more popular celebration of Yorkshire’s unique identity within the UK. The date itself is significant, as the Battle of Minden (in which the Yorkshire Light Infantry fought and have since been included in the “Minden Regiments”) and the emancipation of slaves in the British Empireboth occurred on August 1st. It’s also likely to be sunny, which makes it all the more enjoyable.