Travel Hair Care Tips

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What is dry shampoo and why use it? I asked this question about a year ago. Yes, I know that I have lagged behind all the new products, but what can I do.

Usually we use such products when there is no time at all, but we need to look good urgently and very quickly. And for sure – with clean and fresh hair. This is why dry shampoos were invented. So that in a matter of seconds you can spray the product, comb your hair and voila – as if just from the bathroom.

You can find scented versions or not, for shine or volume, for blondes or brunettes.

Where and how to use dry shampoo:

– when the hot water was turned off;
– when you urgently need to go to a holiday;
– when you are late and do not have time to wash your hair;
– freshen up your hair;
– to give additional volume to the roots;
– take on a trip (just in case).

If you look at the packaging of dry shampoo, then you can hardly distinguish it from a styling product or the same hairspray. If you don’t read the titles. This is a metal bottle with a plastic cap.

The aroma is really as tropical as the name, it is sweet-fruity. It smells like juicy, summer exotic fruits. Although the manufacturer said not so exotic – melon, plum, peach, banana, coconut, sandalwood and vanilla.

The aroma is too strong for me, especially in the summer I can hear it very clearly for a couple of hours just like that. It annoys me a little, annoys and clogs up the scent of perfume. Although the shampoo smells of citrus mixed with pineapple, it is difficult for me to withstand it on myself in hot weather.

As a result of using dry shampoo – the effect of freshly washed and clean hair. It is the effect that we all understand.

You need to understand that this is not a substitute for shampoo – and you need to wash your hair! But this is a great working product when you urgently need to put yourself in order. That is, in cases where there is no way to quickly wash and dry your head.

I prolong the “cleanliness” of my hair for a maximum of the day and always wash my head in the evening. It was on a trip that I had to wash my hair only two days later and I had real discomfort. I wanted to urgently jump into a hot bath and thoroughly wash my hair.

There was one that I planned to come home after work and wash my hair. And then they unexpectedly invite you to your birthday and time is running out. I applied dry shampoo, fluffed up my hair with a comb and no one will ever say that you came to a holiday with a dirty head. All in all, this is a great thing in emergency situations.

Personally, my dry shampoo periodically itches throughout the day and this worries me terribly. All day I feel that my head is not washed and I constantly want to wash the whole thing off. Therefore, at the end of the day, I always use a wet shampoo to completely remove all residues of dry shampoo and make my hair as clean and tidy as possible.

– several packaging options;
– a dense, sturdy bottle;
– tight, good spray;
– very easy to use;
– perfectly absorbs fat;
– adds volume to the hair;
– no white coating remains;
– does not stick hair;
– hair does not hang like icicles;
– shampoo does not crumble;
– hair is not dyed;
– refreshes and makes the effect of clean hair all day long;
– acceptable price.