Traveling with kids needs some extra care especially you need to be selective in packing. Whatever your mode of transportation is; a plane, a train, a boat or a car, you need a plan on what you are going to bring with yourself to keep your children busy.

Remember that kids love snacks, and more often than not, they would want to munch on them, therefore bring along some dry snacks, that could satisfy your children’s hunger pangs. Kids often complain of getting bored so you must plan something for their entertainment. Bring along board games, small video games, puzzles, books, and any other small techno device that can keep your kid entertained. For young children, toys are very, very important, as this is their main source of entertainment and fun.

Younger children are mostly interested in pictures and sceneries, and they love commenting on them.You can keep a couple of picture books for them. Other than that color books, drawing books and novels or story books for the elder kids would be a good packing item. If you have older children, you can have some chapter books or novels for them. All these activities will help keep your children’s mind preoccupied and they will not tend to depend on you for enjoyment.

You can even bring along audio books or podcasts that could enhance your child’s listening skills as well as giving him a chance to enjoy a story. You can also have some activity books which are full of activities such as drawing, coloring, jumbles, finding words, forming words, solving puzzles, guessing words, mazes, etc.

You can even bring in some great portable music player to enjoy while you travel. Music is a great form of entertainment and you can bring along holidaying songs, and have fun singing along with kids.

Sometimes, kids get sick while traveling or they may get hurt, so it is always handy to keep a first aid box in your baggage. There are different first aid kits; make sure the kit contains stash of band-aids, an instant cold-compress, first aid cream, pain reliever and Dramamine (it is if your kid faces motion sickness) and some extra plastic bags.

In case you have a small baby, do not forget to bring along packs of diapers!.