Kefalonia may not be one of the most heard of locations in the world, but it really is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for those seeking everything you could expect from a holiday in the sun.

Located in western Greece Kefalonia is the largest of the group of Greek islands known as the Ionian Islands.  Kefalonia is packed full of exotic bays and coves and its beaches are amongst the top rated in the world.  Seeped in history the Island has many points of historical interest throughout it and derives its name from its first ruler King Kephalos whose reign dated back to the Palaeolithic times. Folklore has it that the king founded four towns on the island called Ami, Pronnoi, Pahli and Krani named after his sons. During those times the Island was know as Tetrapolis (The Four Towns), once you have visited Kefalonia you really can picture how it was all of those years ago.

Throughout the picturesque Island you will find lush countryside and mountainsides, for holiday makers looking for not only sand sea and surf, the island is a paradise to explore. Kefalonia is so stunning in fact that it has been a source of inspiration for many artists and novelists over the years and has even been the setting for many films.  The author Louis de Bernières wrote his novel ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ based on historical events that happened during the Italian and German occupation in World War 2.

The resort of Skala is one of the most popular destinations for those visiting the island for the first time, with its long sandy beaches and bays it is the ideal location to try out the many facilities it provides such as Scuba diving and sailing.  So, next time you think about where to take your next holiday, why not consider Villa holidays in one of the many wonderful Villas in Kefalonia.