There are some great things about the south of Cornwall which keep people coming back again and again to book their holiday cottages in Cornwall. The warm weather is definitely a plus, and the beaches are clearly very popular (as you can tell during the summer months). Gorgeous places to stay like Penzance certainly help as well. So, today, we’re going to look at the things you can get up to during your stay in Penzance cottages. We’re not even going to mention the Cornish beaches. Promise.

You have the standard things to do, of course, like visit the local cinema or attend some of the local festivals that occur each year. You can also, if you’re looking for something more active and exciting, visit the nearby lazertag combat site, Covert Combat.

As for enjoying the town itself, guided walks around some of the ancient routes and monuments are available from Western Discover, and you’ll find out all about the local history and folklore. There’s also the town’s open air art deco themed swimming pool. It’s great during the warm summer months and let’s you really appreciate the climate of Cornwall.

Finally, if you want to take in some fine art a branch of the Tate Gallery has opened up at The Exchange. There are plenty of installations at the gallery, and it’s sure to be an interesting day out.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do in Penzance regardless of where your interests lie, and whoever you bring along on the trip is sure to find something they want to do.