Are you planning a weekend holiday to Devon?

One of the favourite activities for visitors of the area is to camp. There are many campsites in Devon so camping opportunities are endless. Plus the scenery is beautiful. It is an ideal place to get away for a little while and feel close to nature. However, before you camp, it is important to understand the rules of camping. There is certain etiquette that should be followed at every campsite. Hopefully the following information will help you as you prepare for your camping experience.

Maintaining the Environment

Obviously the major aspect of camping is the environment. Campers love to spend time outdoors and enjoy the surroundings. However, people want to continue the beautiful area for several years to come. This will not be possible if people destroy the area while they camp. Therefore, campers are encouraged to leave the area as they found it. This means you have to be cautious of your surroundings in an effort to avoid damage.

Camping Do’s

When you are camping there are specific rules that you should follow. Some are more specific and others are unwritten rules. For example, there are sites and tracks that exist at the campsite. It is proper etiquette to walk on these areas to minimize damage to the natural environment. In addition, make sure you respect laws and rules of the campsite, including the speed limit and the quiet hours. These rules are in place to benefit all that are at the campsite. Also, it is important to keep the campsite clean and throw away rubbish.

Camping Don’ts

When you are camping, make sure that you avoid certain behaviour. For example, some sites do not allow animals. Respect this. And if the site does allow animals, keep yours under control. If you do not watch your animal, he or she could easily damage the environment of the campsite. Also, many campsites do not allow you to take wood from the site. If this is the case you might have to bring your own ahead of time. Plan ahead of time so that you are prepared when you are camping and have everything that you need.

Respect Others

Lastly, it is important that you respect others on the campsite. Most campsites allow multiple guests at a time and while you might have some area to yourself, you will need to be courteous of others.