Whenever you visit an area one of the best things about it is discovering the new foods that an area offers. Luxury holidays to Vietnam

are no exception to this, and you should definitely keep your eyes open whilst on your trip so that you can sample the many unique delicacies that this country has to offer. Luxury holidays

to Vietnam are actually a great opportunity for you to stretch your taste buds as food is very important in the culture and calendar of the country. Special dishes exist for almost every important holiday and event in a person’s life, all of them carefully prepared in the traditional fashions. Family life is also centred around the preparation and consumption of meals, so it’s no wonder that you’ll find plenty of excellent places to eat, be they road side vendors or specialist restaurants, throughout the country.

With as much coast as the country has it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that fish forms an important part of the diet there. Many foods, even if they don’t contain fish themselves, will have fish sauce added to boost the flavour.

You may also be able to sample a broth soup, normally made from chicken. It’s very different to the broth you’ll find in the UK as it’s focussed on being a spicy dish.

Vegetarians will also be happy as vegetarian food is very easy to find in the country, though you may have to specify that you don’t want any fish sauce added.