If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, there is an amazing array of information online – it seems like every tropical destination in the world wants you and your new spouse on their island, and why not?

The sparkling turquoise waters, stretches of white sand beaches and swaying palm trees coupled with a luxurious setting have great appeal and speak of romance and relaxation. After the rush leading up to the wedding day, a beach is exactly the right sort of destination.

If we’re agreed that a sun-drenched beach and balmy tropical nights are ideal, the question is then where will you find your idyll? I suggest that you at least research a Seychelles honeymoon, and for some very good reasons.

The Seychelles are amazingly unique, with an inner ring of granitic islands complemented by coral islands in the outer reaches. The Seychelles Islands stretch along the Indian Ocean in the equatorial zone. With year-round daytime temperatures around 30C and situated outside the cyclone belt, you can be sure the weather will be gentle and cooperative. The granitic nature has created some of the most amazing beaches one could ever hope to see – pure white sand beaches scattered with giant rock formations to frame dazzling blue waters.

For luxury, exclusivity and room to roam, the private island resorts of Seychelles are unparalleled, and you’ll never have to vie for a sun lounger with other guests. With miles and miles of beach, chances are you can find one just for yourselves. Frégate Island Seychelles boasts seven white powder-soft beaches fringed by magnificent tropical forest and has just 16 luxury villas available, with a personal butler available to cater to your every desire.

On the off-chance that 16 villas sounds a bit crowded, consider North Island, with 11 villas and a chef who will meet with you to craft menus that suit your tastes and preferences, and of course a butler to manage those must-have’s. Still feeling a bit pressed in? How about Cousine Island Resort, an amazing eco-friendly private island with four villas situated on a 25 hectare granitic island complete with a nature reserve?

While these private island retreats offer the ultimate in honeymoon indulgence, luxury Seychelles honeymoons on lush coral islands are desirable and attainable on Denis Private Island and at Desroches Island Resort. These boutique honeymoon retreats are stylish and offer a wealth of relaxation, sports and nature with just the right splash of romance.

Seychelles isn’t just about luxury island retreats, though. The main island of Mahé has several luxury resorts that are perfect for honeymoons, including the Banyan Tree with 60 luxuriously furnished beach and hillside villas with private swimming pools and sundecks, spectacular views, sumptuous food and a world class spa.

Mahé is also graced with the splendid Four Seasons Resort and Spa, with lovely views of Petite Anse beach and a wealth of water sports. You’ll feel justified pampering yourself in their signature spa after a day spent snorkelling, playing tennis or perhaps hiking the nature trails.

One final thought – if you are seriously considering Seychelles for your honeymoon, the best way to find the place of your dreams is through a knowledgeable travel expert.