Legzira is known to tourists as a beach, with famous big natural arches, which are 120 km south from Agadir – touristic town in Morocco. Sandstone arches were in the list of the main sights of this country. They are so incredible, as if the coast grew powerful limbs, which are widely stridden into the ocean. Under certain angles the landscape on the beach is similar to the fantastic Martian landscape. Luxury deserted beach Legzira is located in the province of Sidi Ifni (region of Souss-Massa-Draa) in the southwestern part of Morocco.

Unfortunately, the ones, who would like to visit sandstone arches and take photos, won’t be able to admire natural phenomenon. Last year it is become to known that one of the two famous stone arches of natural origin was collapsed. It was the biggest and the most beautiful sand constructions at the Legzira beach. The incident occurred in September, 2016. Now at the place of natural structures it is possible to find only a pile of stones. For the first time scientists couldn’t exactly tell what could cause the destruction. Presumably, this could happen due to the impact of the waves. In March of that year a large piece of stone splintered from the arch, and its South side was cracked. So, this occasion was a warning of a big destruction.

According to many issues, the beach Legzira is often called as one of the most beautiful in the world. In part it owes this two stone arches jutting out of the rocks. These formations were formed over thousands of years due to the erosion of mountains by sea water.

Legzira beach – is a wide strip of sand that stretches along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the waves beating the scenic cliffs. The tours in Morocco provide a unique opportunity to see the beauty of untouched nature.

The seascapes are striking on the beach, the horizon merges near the ocean, the breeze is blowing, and all this creates a kind of bliss and tranquility. The beach length is not very big; it takes about half an hour to pass it away. Slowly walking along the beach, you will reach the favorite spot of travelers once been to the beach Legzira, the amazing arches of reddish color of nature origin. Even if the one of them is not still existed, a feeling of magic is still appeared at that Moroccan place.